Wonder Water Wiz.on-5000



The Best Electrolytic Cell

Dual Auto Cross Cleaning Cell
No need to additional cleaning

Clean Filtr Tech.

10 phase 2 filter
NSF approved material

High performance, SMPS power supply

Energy saving, Safe without over heat


Front Loading
Filter Replacement


SMPS power supply / Filter [6 months] / Alkaline 5 phase [pH 8.5 ~ 10.5], Purified Water, Acidic 2 phase[pH 3.0 ~ 6.0] /Dimension : 360[H] x294[W]x146[D]

7 BENEFITS of lonized Water

  • Detoxifies the Body

  • Energises
    & Revitalises

  • Neutralises Acidity

  • Boosts lmmunity & Decelerates Aging

  • Better Hydration

  • Enriches the Taste of
    Food & Beverages

  • Effective Cleansing
    & Washing

Convenient Button & Display

  • Simple Touch Switch function
  • Convenient operating at night
  • Touch S/W – without mechanical trouble of manual valve and tact s/w

High-end DC Electric Power Supply!! Switched Mode Power Supply for energy saving and for stopping over heat!!

  • Economic, Energy saving without heat in stand by state
  • Stable at any water quality (TDS 50~700), no voltage down from over heat
  • Electric power supply for making strong sanitizing water(pH 2.7, some water cannot make pH 2.7)
  • 100V~240V free volt
  • 47Hz~63Hz, stable at unstable frequency

Clean Filter Technology Special Water Filter

  • 4,000 liter purification capacity
  • KFDA, KCL Test certified(8 months at 16 liter / day)

Product Specifications

Electrolysis Electrode material Platinum Plated Titanium
No. of Electrode 5 plates
Cleaning Method Dual Automatic Reverse Cleaning
Phase Alkaline-4 phase, Purified, Acidic-2 phase
Filtration No. of filter 2 filters
Longevity No.1 – 4months (2,000 liter)
No.2 – 8months (4,000liter)
Filter Replacement Front door open
Filter Material Block carbon, Activated Carbon, Anion Ceramic, Felt etc. 9 phases
Electricity and Water Supply Voltage 100V~240V, 48~63 Hz
Power Consumption 170 VA , SMPS power supply
Temperature of Source Water 5~30 ℃
Available Water Pressure 0.7~5 kgf/cm2
Protection System Fuse 3A, bimetal, built-in temperature sensor
Basic Specification Dimension 289mm(W)*148mm(D)*385mm(H)
Weight About 6kg
Operation Touch Switch
Display LED display
Features 5 language Voice instruction
Water Quality Selection
Wall adhere