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Our History

  • 2017

    05. Awarded the commendation of the president of Bucheon city
    04. Portable hydrogen water spraying device Patent application
    02. Hydrogen water mist sprayer’s Design registration
    02. SUSO MEIN’s Trademark registration
    02. Multipurpose hydrogen injection device with hydrogen inhaler Patent

  • 2016

    12. Hydrpgen water generator Patent application
    12. AQUA BLING-BLING’s Trademark application
    11. Hydrogen water mist sprayer Patent registration
    09. Incheon Customs Head’s Hydrogen Water Generator Country of Origin exporter Certificate
    07. ISO 14001 Certificate
    03. SUSOSU PLUS’s Trademark registration
    03. SUSOSU’s Trademark registration

  • 2015

    12. GRAND PRIZE (Innovated Exporter on Gyeonggi-do’s Women Enterprises)
    09. InterCella’s Trademark registration of Beauty & Medical device
    07. Purify device for direct water’s Patent registration
    05. Coool max’s Trademark registration
    01. Portable shading device’s Patent registration

  • 2014

    12. Award Certificate of Develop overseas market and Increase Export by Mayor of Bucheon
    11. Award with the Prime Ministerial Commendation National Merit Award for bolstering venture firms

  • 2013

    12. Presented with an award certificate by SMBA Administrator
    05. Selected as an E-trade Frontier company

  • 2012

    12. Attained Certificate of great quality product by Mayor of Bucheon
    08. Launched the R&D Division
    02. ISO 9001 Certificate
    02. Registered the trademark of “Doctor E”, an electric toothbrush
    02. Registered the utility model for the water purifying system
    01. Designated as a Promising Export Firm

  • 2011

    10. Registered a partner for the air purifier with humidifying function
    08. Registered the design of the electric toothbrush
    05. Registered the trademark of “Magiccos”
    05. Won a silver award for the alkali return water drink container in Korea International Women’s Invention Exposition
    05. Won a gold award for the DIY water purifying shower system in Korea International Women’s Invention Exposition

  • 2010

    11. Presented with KIPO’s Women Entrepreneurs Award for the DIY water purifying system
    11. Presented with a participation prize for the DIY water purifying system by the Korea Women Inventor Association

  • 2009

    01. Magiccos Co., Ltd. was founded

  • 2008

    08. Built partership-based marketing and consumer experience network

  • 2007

    08. Built the online cosmetic container sales network: www.magiccos.co.kr

  • 2006

    10. Magiccos was founded.