AQUA Bling Moisture Crush Mist



AQUA Bling Moisture Crush Mist

What do you do for your skin in daily life?

Everyone takes care of their skin in the morning and at night.
However, it is golden time that needs to be moisturized the most when you are stressed out in your daily life.
What is really needed is skin care in everyday life.

Why the mist spray?

It is sprayed with MICRO particles, which are smaller than the pores, so even with makeup, the makeup doesn’t run down and absorbs well.

two-injection ball

AQUA Bling Moisture Crush Mist provides a rich sense of use with two jets.
You can use one or two dispensers for each slide button down.

makeup water, eye fluid

You can use makeup water (toner), eye fluid, etc.
(High viscosity fluid causes failure.)

how to use

1. Turn the water bottle downward and remove it clockwise.
2. Put about 20cc of water in the water bottle. Purified water, steam water, and RO water can be injection malfunction.
3.Close the water bottle counterclockwise with the main body facing downward.
4.The mist is powered on as soon as the slide button is lowered. (You can use one or two dispensers each time you lower the slide button.)
5.The water in the water bottle is sprayed finely and the blue LED turns on.
6.Pull up the slide switch after use.(If you carry it while the switch opened, it can a leaking or a damage of a oscillator)

Product Specification

Product Name AQUA Bling Moisture Crush Mist Weight 104g
Model no SM-19 Capacity 20cc
Voltage power DC 3.7V 1200mA Dimension 33*33*157mm
Power supply AC100~240V 50/60Hz Number of use per a charge about 40~50times
Material ABS(Body),Tritan(Water bottle) Producing country Republic of Korea
Body, Manual, USB Cable  Costomer Service  070-8255-8271

* The contents of the instructions can be changed without prior to improve performance.

제품명아쿠아 블링블링 전기분해 수소이온 미스트
45*16*142mm 62g
용전 수소량
10초 동작 300~350ppb, 1회 1분30초
본체, USB케이블, 사용설명서
10초전기분해, 1분30초 미스트분사,
충전완료 후 사용횟수 약 50회
AC100~240V 50/60Hz
DC3.7V 350mA
재질본체, USB케이블 1.5M고객센터070-8255-8271