Filtration system hydrogen Water Make

– The electrolytic cell type
– Water comes continuously
– 4 steps compound filter
– removal 100% of residual chlorine
– Block the 99.9% of harmful bacteria
– Preserve 100% of minerals
– Concentration of dissolved hydrogen water 1000~1300ppb
– Size : (W)120*(D)370*(H)330(mm)

Green light when working with purified water

If you press the TOUCH button, you will get the hydrogen water.
After use the purified water, the water will automatically convert to hydrogen water.

Blue light when working with hydrogen water



– Removes the rust and impurities in water.

* If you use than 20L daily, please exchange the filter per 4months.


Chlorine and organic matter and removed filter.
– Removes chlorine and organic matter and save the minerals.
– Removes dualistically tiny microbes. Make water clean.

* If you use more than 20L daily, please exchange the filter per 8 months.


Chlorine and heavy metal removal filter
– The highest grade in Korea which is formed by mixing ultra high molecular weight(M.W300 ~ 10 million) resin and activated carbon Handok Block Carbon Filter removes
the odor, color, residual chlorine, detergent, heavy metal and carcinogens remaining in the water by adsorption filtration.
– Formed by mixing activated carbon / silver powder with raw materials, and inhibits growth of various pathogenic and microorganisms through anion elution.

* If you use more than 20L daily, please exchange the filter per 8months.