Hydrogen Face & body Cleansing System

– Active hydrogen helps anti-aging of your skin by remove free oxygen radical.
– It boost collagen production in your skin that erase wrinkles and brighten.
– H2 ion sterilize in the pores and remove waste in the skin, improve the skin condition.
– Concentration of dissolved hydrogen 800~900ppb.
– Color White
– Output DC 16.8V 1.0A
– Input AC 100 ~ 240V
– Size 194 ∮ *H120mm (Main body)
– Weight 1.45Kg (Main body)

Function & Effect of SUSO MEIN

– It remove the waste of skin including flaking.
– Anti-aging and improve skin condition.
– It operates for 15 minutes with one touch and generates high concentration hydrogen.
– It has a high capacity battery and anyone can easily replace the battery.
– Sterilize the 99.9% harmful bacteria
– Generate active hydrogen by platinum coating

How to use

When you wash your face and body, operate it in the water

Remove the pesticide residue on the
face of fruit and vegetable

You can clean the kitchen utensils and the house hold goods