Vitasplash shower filter



Vitasplash shower filter


– It contains essence for skin health and beauty.
– Vitamin C is an antioxidant ingredient that helps prevent skin aging and whitening.
– Honey and propolis are known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Chlorinated rust filter

– It protects the skin by removing rust and foreign substances as well as residual chlorine.
– Chlorine (Cl2), which is used to suppress bacteria, is also a harmful substance that can cause skin diseases,
respiratory diseases, and cancer.
– Vitamin C in Vitasplash removes 99.9% residual chlorine, protecting the skin and keeping it healthy.
– Rust and foreign substances from old water pipes can adversely affect skin health.
 – Vitasplash removes rust and foreign substances through specially treated PP nonwoven fabrics.

pleasant aroma scent

– The four subtle scents make showering fun for men and women of all ages.
– It consists of four scents : Labenda, Lemon, Rose and Freesia Bestsellers.

How to use

Without the need to replace existing showerheads or shower equipment.

It is easy for anyone to install and use.

In addition, it can be installed in any shower in a universal size.