Magic Water Plus Filter – Composite Carbon Block



Magic-water plus filter - composite carbon block

– MCMP-2117
– NSF Certified Materials
– Mineral components maintained
– Removal of particulate pollutants such as suspended substances and rusts of more than 5 μm
– Removal of chlorine and organic compounds
– Used for  beverage and coffee machine, ice machine, etc.
– standard : 100(W)X100(D)X400(H)


1. This product is exclusively for tap water.

2. Installation must be done with cold water only.

3. Life and performance of the filter may vary depending on water pressure, water quality, and water temperature.

4. If the water pressure is high, use a pressure reducing valve.

5. Differences may occur between standard test conditions and actual results.

6. Please use it after checking the relevant regulations of the country and region.

7. Please follow the manufacturer’s recommended installation method for installation.